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How to buy a business in Arlington, Virginia

business attorney in Fairfax

Buying advice from Arlington, Virginia business attorneys: Buying a business in Arlington, VA, can be a great deal more beneficial than starting up a new one. As a buyer you will undoubtedly be focused on understanding the nature of the business you are buying and of course, ensuring that the potential risk of encountering post-sale surprises in minimized. When buying a business in Virginia, you can expect to be faced with the following steps:

  • Understand what you are actually buying. In some instances a sale will include the seller’s LLC or corporation, but this is not always the case. In other instances it is just the assets being sold. It is quite important to understand the difference and ensure that you know what you are buying. Chat to a commercial business lawyer in Arlington, VA, for sound advice on this!
  • Decide what you are willing to pay for the business. It is important to understand the exact financial situation of the business before you decide how much you are willing to pay. Some businesses come with a great deal of debt which should certainly affect the sale price. If you are asked to sign a non disclosure agreement before the relevant information is shared with you, make sure that your business law attorney looks over the agreement and ensures that all is in order.
  • Have your purchase agreements drawn up. It is important that these are handled by a professional business lawyer as the documents you sign will determine if you are faced with problems in the future or not.
  • Closing of the deal. If you agree with all of the terms of the sale and everything is properly prepared according to law, it’s time to close the deal. This is where all the paperwork is finally signed and money exchanges hands.

Buy a business the right way with the help of our business attorneys at Schleifman Law, PLC

A professional business attorney in Arlington, Virginia, will be able to assist you with being fully prepared for the purchase of your new business. You can rest assured that all documentation will be thoroughly inspected and that you will be fully advised of all potential risks.

If you would like legal advice on how to buy a business in Arlington, VA, contact us via email or telephone at Schleifman Law, PLC today.

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Beware of Arbitration Clauses in Contracts: tips for people in Arlington, VA

DC appellate lawyer

Have you ever wondered what role business attorneys play in society? Well, if you are a consumer or a small business owner, it is time you paid more attention to these legal professionals. In a world where everything is done under the constraints of contracts, anything can go wrong and it is no wonder there are so many contract lawsuits piled up in the court system today.

So you have bought that credit card after signing a lengthy contract agreement. You rightly assume nothing can go wrong because this is a big credit card company. Unfortunately, you could be wrong. Somewhere in the final pages there is a small clause that you missed, or even if you read it, its implications haven’t sunk in your mind yet.

Most probably it was phrased something like “the company may elect to resolve any claim by individual arbitration.” So what is the dark side of such a clause? Here are some ideas:

  • It is legally binding and thus supersedes your right to go to court for justice.
  • Arbitration is not a court process because there is only one arbiter whose decision is legally binding.
  • Arbitrators are not always impartial.
  • Courts rarely reverse an arbitration judgment.
  • Arbitration clauses can ban class action which means consumers are at the mercy of large corporations.

Furthermore, if you have ever signed a contract, it is likely you didn’t scrutinize the ominous arbitration clause. These clauses are now the subject of intense debate because corporations are fighting off class lawsuits using this clever addition. In essence, you are signing your rights away through these arbitration clauses and this is where a business law attorney comes in handy.

Before you sign any kind of contract you must get an attorney to scrutinize it and approve. If you are just starting off, a small business attorney is critical when you get into deals with large corporations to avoid financial losses due to arbitration clauses. Before you sign that tempting contract, let expert go through it lest you sign your legal rights away.

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What can a civil litigation attorney assist you with?

business attorney

Having breach of contract problems? Faced with a dispute over a commercial lease? Who do you turn to? In the business world it can be hard to know just what type of lawyer or attorney you need, when faced with these types of situations. Our business attorneys at Schleifman Law often encounter clients looking to find an attorney, without understanding the services offered by each type of attorney. This can lead to wasted time and frustration.

Let’s take a look at civil litigation attorneys. A civil litigation attorney can assist you with a variety of disputes and scenarios as follows:

  • Whistleblower, false claims and Qui Tam litigation.
  • Breach of contract, material breach of contract, breach of contract damages.
  • Commercial lease disputes.
  • Real estate and construction litigation.
  • Unfair trade practices and business torts.

As such, civil litigation attorneys deal with non-criminal law suits. Their job is to ensure that all the correct legal steps are taken when filing and pursuing a law suit of a business or commercial nature. They are qualified to provide legal advice and ensure that you are advised as to whether your specific case is best taken to court or settled outside of court. Your civil litigation attorney will also be able to represent you in court – which is certainly advised when encountered by any of the abovementioned legal issues.

Civil litigation services offered by Schleifman Law in Fairfax County 

At Schleifman Law in Fairfax County we provide our clients with professional civil litigation services provided by qualified and experienced civil litigation lawyers. Simply bring your legal situation or claim to us and we will ensure that it is legally handled and processed correctly. With the assistance of one of our business attorneys on your side, you stand to achieve a more suitable outcome.

If you would like to discuss your case and gain legal advice from one of our business law attorneys, contact us via email or telephone at Schleifman Law today.


Insurance lawyers can assist you with the following claims


It can be quite frustrating, not to mention costly, when insurance contracts go wrong. It might feel like the end of the road, but there are literally hundreds of insurance declaratory judgment and breach of contract actions in progress across the USA at any given time. With the help of the right insurance lawyer, you will be able to take the matter further and expect success. More importantly, an experienced insurance attorney will be able to advise you on the various options available to you, so that you can make an educated decision on how to proceed.

Whether your claim is related to small business insurance or personal insurance, your dedicated insurance attorney should be able to assist you to resolve the matter efficiently and effectively, without drawing the process out. A professional business attorney or insurance attorney should be able to help you with the following types of claims:

  • Fire damage, explosions, water losses, construction defects, boiler and machinery failures, and inland marine losses, which fall under subrogation claims.
  • Commercial general liability.
  • Employment practice liability.
  • Liability for pollution.
  • Professional errors and omissions.
  • Improper performance of duties claims.

Assistance with insurance claims provided by Schleifman Law

We are a law firm experienced in handling a variety of complex insurance cases. We have represented policyholders and insurers and have in-depth knowledge required to provide litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation assistance, to quickly and efficiently get to the bottom of claims and ensure they are fairly and legally resolved.

At Schleifman Law, we have over 25 years experience in the field of insurance law and will ensure your case is handled with the professionalism and attention to detail that it deserves. For more information and advice on the insurance claims we can assist you with, contact us via email or telephone at Schleifman Law today.

Arlington Business Attorney | Liability Concerns for LLCs

Starting a business in the New Year? Get professional legal advice

Arlington Business Attorney | Liability Concerns for LLCs

If you plan on starting a business in the New Year, you might want to seek out the professional advice and guidance of a small business attorney or law firm. It goes without saying that starting a business in Fairfax County, or anywhere really, can be a daunting task. Of course you will need to determine what your products and services will entail, but there’s a great deal more to consider too.

As a new business owner you will need to spend some time choosing a business attorney who will be able to advise you during the upcoming years. Deciding on the legal form of your business is quite important. You will then need to organize a variety of other things including:

  • Decide what type of business entity you should operate under.
  • Obtaining legal business licenses and permits for your business.
  • Set definitions in place to determine the legal rights, duties and obligations of your business officers, directors, partners and members.
  • Developing a pricing or cost structure for your products and services.
  • Decide on and set up an accounting system.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Managing business and employee tax contributions and deductions.
  • Setting business insurance in place.
  • Arrange financing.
  • Decide how to legally protect trade secrets.

The legal implications of starting a new business can seem daunting, especially when you’ve just started a New Year, but they don’t have to be. With the help of the right professional business attorneys, you can have the legal side of your business handled efficiently and effectively for you.

Get legal advice for starting a business from Fairfax County business attorneys, Schleifman Law

At Schleifman Law in Fairfax County, we offer professional legal advice to start-up as well as large multi-national companies. We can fully provide you on all the legal requirements of starting up a new business and assist you every step of the way from deciding on whether to operate as a membership corporation, limited liability company, formal partnership or joint venture, to the drawing up of legal governing documentation, bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and more.

If you want to ensure that all your legal affairs are in order when starting your new business, partner with us at Schleifman Law. For more information and legal advice, contact us via email or telephone at Schleifman Law today.

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Five Steps to Effective Business Risk Management

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Effective business risk management is one of the greatest underpinnings for any successful enterprise. If you are an entrepreneur, you do appreciate there are a myriad of perils lurking around. Without adequate protection you are staring spectacular failure in the face. This is where your corporate lawyer comes in handy.

These risk management experts understand the common perils that different businesses face. A corporate attorney will also explain whether your business is inherently risky before setting out a roadmap to insure your enterprise.

So how do you leverage the services of business attorneys to protect your investment? Here are five major steps:

  • Set objectives and a risk mapping strategy: Your business must have a clear set of objectives and a strategy for risk assessment and mapping before dealing with the potential dangers.
  • Identify the risks: Once you have a risk assessment plan in place, it is easy to identify the risks. Luckily you don’t have to do this because established law firms have experts to help in this process.
  • Analyze the risk: Different types of risks pose different challenges. A legal expert will help you analyze the consequences of all types of perils facing your business.
  • Develop a risk response plan: Your small business attorney brings invaluable input in developing the most suitable response plan for every assessed risk.
  • Treating and Monitoring of the risk: If an identified situation develops, you have already created the right tools to respond. Whether it is business insurance, professional liability coverage or any other strategy, your corporate lawyer will be at hand to offer the way forward. After resolving the problem it is important to carry out periodic assessment to avoid recurrence.

An innocuous-looking situation such as a workers compensation claim can debilitate your investment. However, with the right legal advice from a corporate attorney you will always rest assured that your enterprise is protected.

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