Wrongful Termination

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Nobody likes getting fired. However, facing termination based on retaliation, discrimination or some other unlawful reason is simply unacceptable. If you are currently enduring this type of situation, an Arlington business lawyer can help you properly file your complaint with both state and federal employment regulators, as well as commence an individual lawsuit for compensatory damages against your employer. While wrongful termination is sometimes a difficult cause of action to prove, an experience business attorney can thoroughly and aggressively advance your case.

Available Redress in a Wrongful Termination Suit


A successful wrongful termination lawsuit is one that makes the plaintiff “whole” again. This may mean different things for different people, depending on the unique situation at hand. In general, if you were unlawfully fired from your job, you could obtain any of the following:

-Reinstatement of your employment position;

-Back pay with interest;

-Reimbursement for expenses incurred as a result of losing benefits;

-Redress for missing out on important trainings or conferences;

-Compensation for pain, suffering or embarrassment;

-Punitive damages to redress intentional or particularly egregious behavior.

While not every one of the above is available in every case, your business lawyer will work tirelessly to obtain the maximum possible compensation for you following your wrongful termination.

Proving a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Proving a wrongful termination lawsuit requires presenting evidence that your employer made an adverse employment decision against you based solely on a discriminatory or retaliatory motive. This could be accomplished by showing that the employer has a history of discriminatory tactics. A spotless employment history or lack of evidence showing an issue with job performance is also a way to successfully advance a claim of wrongful termination. If you are facing retaliation, your attorney will advance evidence of your recent filing of a grievance, OSHA complaint or other issue presumably giving rise to your employer’s adverse action.

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