Your Business Is Being Sued – Here’s What To Do

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Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat, having dreamt that your business is being sued? Despite your best intentions, accidents happen and misunderstandings occur; and before you know…[ READ MORE ]

Our Arlington Contract Attorney Explains Breach of Contract

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Legal Capacity to Contract

Fairfax contract attorneys who are involved in a dispute may consider whether each party had the requisite ability to contract as part of their support or defense. People Who Lack…[ READ MORE ]

Repudiation of Contracts

Arlington breach of contract lawyers can explain the complex concept of anticipatory repudiation. When one party repudiates a contract, the other acquires certain rights. Types of Repudiation There are different…[ READ MORE ]

Key Components of Business Contracts

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Contractual Freedom and its Consequences for Contract Law

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All About Consideration

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Common Phrases in Contracts

A business contract contains numerous common phrases that the courts recognize. However, people might not understand the legal jargon behind these clauses or how they apply to their business situation.…[ READ MORE ]

How to Remedy a Breach of Contract

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When one party breaches a contract, there are typically two kinds of remedies available to the party who did not breach the contract. One kind is legal remedies and the…[ READ MORE ]

What You Need to Know about Non-competes

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Individuals who would like to leave their current employer and develop their own business may have to go through several legal hurdles, as an Arlington non compete agreement lawyer can…[ READ MORE ]