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A guide to the Virginia Consumer Protection Act (VCPA) for residents of Arlington, VA

consumer protection

If you are an Arlington resident or business owner, you must have followed the 2014 Supreme Court hearing on consumer protection law closely. The Virginia Consumer Protection Act of 1977, beginning 59.1-196, has been a subject of debate within both the legal and business circles.

The clarification by the court that proscription of conduct by suppliers in consumer transactions extends beyond fraud, changes the entire picture and brings to the fore the role of a business law attorney.

VCPA in its most basic description is supposed to be applied as a remedial legal tool which prohibits unethical business practices between consumers and suppliers. The ruling now clarifies that consumers can rely on VCPA to sue against fraud in case of a transaction where these and more situations exist:

  • False pretense
  • False promise
  • Misrepresentation

This area of commercial litigation is complex, but with the right attorney you can get a fair hearing against any unscrupulous business practices. VCPA not only protects you as a consumer but also caters for your business attorney’s fees. While this broad description might seem sufficient, there is a myriad of other details in the Act that make it crucial for you to use an attorney’s service to get a better understanding.

For instance, while ordinary consumers are succinctly protected under the law, churches and other religious organizations are covered too. There are also 54 categories which are classified as fraudulent acts and practices.

VCPA covers even more situations than you might expect. Consumer protection, for instance, includes a variety of actions related to goods and services such as sale, advertising and lease of these goods for personal, family or household uses. This is a very broad description which makes it important for you to find an attorney in case you feel aggrieved in a transaction.

Do you feel cheated by your retailer, landlord or even your plumber? Well, the Virginia Consumer Protection Act offers the best legal recourse. Whatever the situation you’re in, your business law attorney will be able to advise you on the best route to getting justice.

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