Risks of Electronic Communication

Washington D.C. business lawyers are accustomed to sifting through emails, text messages and other electronic communications. Therefore, they know the dangers of these types of communications. Here are a few key rules to be informed of before litigating your case.

Electronic Communications Are Forever

Washington D.C. business lawyers can warn you that electronic messages are often permanent. This includes digitalized communications like emails and also audio recordings such as voicemails. Even if a person deletes the communications from his or her own server or account, there are generally other servers that still hold this information. One way that these types of communications live in perpetuity is when they are sent or forwarded to multiple individuals.

Someone Is Watching

In many cases, a party’s case is unraveled due to someone sifting through his or her messages. The culprit may be a disgruntled employee or a partner who is wanting to take over.

Innocent Messages Can Still Harm You

Washington D.C. civil litigation lawyers can warn you that even innocent messages can harm you if they are taken out of context. When a person writes an email or text, he or she may have only one fact scenario in mind. However, messages can be misconstrued to apply to a completely different scenario. Before sending a message, a party may want to consider picturing being on the witness stand months or years after the fact. He or she may envision having to explain what the specific words in the message meant and the surrounding circumstances. Business lawyers may recommend keeping electronic communication to a minimum if there is the slightest risk of litigation or a message being misconstrued.

Legal Assistance

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