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Many professionals have an errors and omissions insurance policy that provides liability coverage for negligent acts or omissions they make in their professional capacity. For many small businesses and professional workers such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and accountants, errors and omissions insurance is their primary form of protection should they be sued by a client, customer, or other third party.

Coverage by the Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy

A Fairfax insurance lawyer can explain to you that while an errors and omissions insurance policy covers most types of damage claims, it does not cover all claims and liability. Generally, types of liability that the insurance policy may cover include:

-Negligent acts

-Careless omissions

-Mistakes in the course of business

-Fault through no fault of your own

Errors and omissions insurance policy typically do not cover intentional misconduct or other willful acts. So if you intend to injure or otherwise economically harm someone, the insurance policy may not offer any coverage and protection.

Making a Successful Claim With the Help of a Fairfax Insurance Law Firm

An experienced attorney can help you through the difficult process to make a successful claim and ensure that you are financially protected by your insurance coverage. For example, an attorney can work with you on completing the proper paperwork and submitting all the necessary documentation. In addition, an attorney can ensure that you meet all the proper timelines and that you frame your claim in the best light to help you.

In some cases, an attorney may also be useful in advocating for your rights under the insurance policy against the insurance company. Insurance companies are notoriously tight-fisted and you may need experienced counsel to represent your interests.

Contact a Fairfax Insurance Lawyer

If you have any questions about a professional errors and omissions policy, you will want to contact an experienced insurance lawyer in Fairfax. These insurance policies can be very complex and difficult to understand. To get help with your case today, contact an attorney at Schleifman Law, PLC by calling 703-528-1021.