What You Need to Know about Non-competes

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Individuals who would like to leave their current employer and develop their own business may have to go through several legal hurdles, as an Arlington non compete agreement lawyer can explain. An Arlington non compete agreement lawyer can advise individuals if their plans may be contradictory to any type of non-compete agreement that they may have signed. Additionally, an Arlington non compete agreement lawyer may provide advice to these individuals regarding the actions that they can take to protect their long-term legal interests.

About Non-compete Agreements

These agreements are commonly implemented by the owner of the business in order to protect trade secrets and other legitimate interests of the business including customer lists and confidential information. These agreements have the effect of prohibiting the employee from being able to accept employment from a competitor in the same industry or from establishing his or her own business in the same industry.

Reasonableness of Agreement

The court will refuse to enforce such an agreement if it is not reasonable. The court may assess the actual scope or prohibited activity, the duration of the prohibition and the geographic scope of the prohibition. Your Arlington non compete agreement lawyer can also explain that if even one of these factors is unreasonable, the court will not enforce the agreement. Additionally, your Arlington non compete agreement lawyer can explain that the employer has the burden of showing that the agreement is not reasonable.

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