Navigating Tough Corporate Issues

Arlington Business Attorney

Running a business is difficult. However, with the right legal team
behind you, you can work through the tough issues that arise knowing you have competent and thorough legal counsel just a phone call away. By working with a knowledgeable and experienced corporate lawyer, you can rest assured knowing that some of the difficulties that arise can be negotiated and settled without the exorbitant expense of litigation or the fear of threats to your valuable enterprise.

Issues Facing the Start-Up

Startup companies have a unique set of issues to work through, ranging from trademark registration to basic corporate set-up. If you are an entrepreneur with questions about legal formation, liability issues or the best way to protect your corporate assets, an Arlington business attorney is one of your best resources. You can also depend on the knowledge of your business attorney when working through complex employment, hiring and firing issues as well.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are interested in acquiring another business or would like to discuss the benefits of merging with an existing company, you should never embark on this journey without the assistance of a knowledgeable corporate lawyer. These business transactions implicate complex issues relating to shareholders, equity and other matters directly related to the shifting and combining of corporate interests. To avoid the pitfalls of a possible derivative suit or hostile business maneuver, keep an Arlington business lawyer on your side through every step of the way.


Sometimes, a business needs to restructure or reassess its portfolio in order to stay strong and continue. If you are concerned about the financial future of your corporation and would like to work preemptively to avoid disaster, it may be time to consider a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding. Corporate bankruptcy does not mean the end of your business; it can actually offer the contrasting result of a fresh financial start.

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