Establishing Business

Washington D.C. business lawyers can explain that there are many steps that are necessary when forming a new business. Here is an overview of the steps necessary.


Some businesses require that the owner or employees have certain licenses. This includes doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, engineers and architects. Other professions that may require licenses include barbers, real estate agents and auto mechanics. You may also be required to obtain a license if you sell certain products. Obtaining a license depends on the type of license that you are seeking. Some licenses require demonstrating adequate education and experience in a particular field. Other licenses are only issued after a background check and successful completion of a written exam.

Tax Registration

You may need to secure a permit or license if you collect sales tax. This amount is paid to the government. Services may not be taxed as goods are. Inquire with Washington D.C. business lawyers if you need to register with the department of revenue or the treasury department.

Business Entity Filings

Limited partnerships, LLCs and corporations must file with the Secretary of State’s office to register a business entity. Such filings are not usually necessary if you are establishing a sole proprietorship or partnership. However, you may be required to file your business’ name with the county clerk.

Employer Responsibilities

If you have employees, you have myriad other responsibilities. This includes paying for workers’ compensation insurance and unemployment insurance premiums. Additionally, you will have to secure an employer identification number and withhold the appropriate amount of taxes from employees. You must pay these taxes to the state and federal governments.

Other Responsibilities

You may have additional legal responsibilities, based on the type of business that you run. For example, you may have to obtain certain environmental approvals regarding pollution or hazardous waste.

Legal Assistance

For more information on legal assistance in establishing your business, contact Washington D.C. business lawyers at Schleifman Law, PLC.