Benefits of Mediation for Small Businesses

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There are times when attempting to resolve an issue through mediation is preferable to taking an adversary to court. In this article, an experienced Arlington mediation lawyer looks at why this is often the case.

Why Mediation May Be Preferable

Any business, regardless of size, can find itself at odds with another entity; it could be a client, a visitor, another company or corporation, members of their own staff or anyone else. Since smaller businesses often do not have the resources that their larger counterparts possess, litigation can be formidably time-consuming and expensive. Lacking the large legal staff that normally forms a part of the corporate structure, a smaller company may find that working with an Arlington mediation lawyer is more cost-effective, simpler and less likely to produce long-standing animosity, especially if an equitable solution is found to the dispute.

Role of Your Arlington Mediation Lawyer

As mediator, your Arlington mediation attorney will act as facilitator, sounding-board and disinterested third party in order to bring both sides to a common understanding. By encouraging you and the opposition to reason through the dispute together in search of that common ground that leads to a successful resolution, the mediator provides a foundation for an agreement that can meet the needs of all concerned.

Taking the First Step

If you are involved in a dispute or conflict, engaging a mediator is the first step. For people or businesses with limited financial resources, there are local organizations in many areas that offer mediation services at minimal expense. These can be found in the telephone directory, through your local chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau. Law offices may offer mediation services also, and some specialize in this. If you prefer to have an attorney serve in this capacity, you should contact your lawyer for this service.

The End Result

Naturally, the result you and your lawyer most desire is a resolution that satisfies everyone. Assuming that this is achieved, the terms of the accord will be spelled out in an agreement that all will sign. Failing this, there will be a written memorandum that outlines the terms that all have agreed upon. If you believe that there is some chance that the other party may not abide by the agreed-upon terms, you and your Arlington mediation attorney may wish to take steps to ensure that the agreement will hold force in court if it should come to that. If the negotiation is unsuccessful, you are no worse off than you were before, and you can still file suit if all else fails.

Let Your Arlington Mediation Attorney Assist You

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