Avoid these mistakes when signing a commercial lease agreement


There are risks involved for both the landlord and tenant when signing a commercial lease agreement in Fairfax, VA. Both parties must ensure that the lease agreement protects them which require a thorough read through the lease and an in-depth understanding of all of the clauses and terms included. While our commercial lease dispute lawyers in Fairfax, VA, assist both landlords and tenants, we would like to first focus on a few tips for tenants. No commercial property lease agreement should be rushed into, so take your time to ensure that you are making a wise choice for your business and its future.

Below are a few common mistakes that you should avoid when signing a lease agreement:

  • Signing a long term lease without having proportional concessions in place.
  • Failing to ensure that there are avenues of fairly cancelling or getting out of your lease if the need arises.
  • Using just any commercial lawyer to assist with your lease and property related issues.
  • Taking the landlord’s word that the business is approved for zoning.

Commercial property lease agreements are typically long term – this means 5 years or longer. As such, it is vitally important that you think the terms through and ensure that the lease agreement caters to your needs now and in the future. The best course of action is to seek out the professional advice of a commercial real estate attorney in Fairfax who can go over the lease and advise you accordingly.

Get your commercial lease agreement approved by our commercial lease dispute lawyers

At Schleifman Law, PLC in Fairfax, VA, we provide professional advice on commercial lease agreements. We can also assist tenants who have a commercial lease dispute that they would like to negotiate or settle. We operate in the Virginia and encourage those faced with complicated leases, long term commercial leases or lease disputes to get in touch with us for further assistance and advice.

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