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At Schleifman Law in Fairfax, VA, we often deal with personal injury lawsuits. These lawsuits arise when individuals suffer physical, mental or emotional damage / injury because of another person or party’s negligence and recklessness. As these lawsuits are complicated, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a personal injury lawyer before filing a claim. When filing a personal injury lawsuit, be very careful to take note of not only the statute of limitations, but also laws that govern Virginia specifically.

Seeking out the assistance of a professional personal injury lawyer Personal Injury Lawyerin Fairfax, VA, will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. A personal injury lawsuit can be filed if you suffered bodily harm / injury, trauma, mental anguish, embarrassment, pain and suffering because of the negligent or wrongful action of another person or entity.

Your lawyer must prove that you did in fact sustain injuries because of the accused’s actions. Compensation can be awarded for physical injury as well as economic and non-economic damages. Your personal injury lawyer will get the best possible outcome for you by ensuring that the law is followed to the letter, you know what your rights are and that all parties (such as employers, insurance companies, and references) are contacted and consulted with. It is therefore important to seek out legal aid soon after the incident to ensure your chances of success for the compensation that you are entitled to.

Choose Schleifman Law as your Personal Injury Lawyer in Fairfax, VA

At Schleifman Law, PLC, our practice areas focus on personal injuries, car accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents and construction accidents. When you choose us as your personal injury lawyers, we will assist you with getting compensated for your suffering. Our personal injury lawyers in Fairfax, VA, will ensure that your case is reviewed and that a plan of action is strategized. As part of this service, we assist with negotiation, mediation, litigation and trial representation if required. Our personal injury attorneys have over 30 years of experience in the field and are admitted to practice in state and federal courts in Virginia.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Fairfax, VA, call us for a free consultation today.

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    • Mr. Schleifman makes it a point to be accessible.  If he takes your matter you know he will be there 24/7.

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