The law

Arlington law practiceVirginia law provides its own regulations for a commercial lease of property owner and tenant relationship. Read on to learn more about commercial lease disputes in Fairfax, VA. 

Breaking the law

But what if the Fairfax, VA property you own is being trashed by your tenants?

Or your landlord has failed make repairs to the building which are now impacting on the running of your business?

The lease

–  Use this checklist to ensure your commercial lease includes the following:
–  the names all the parties involved
–  a detailed description of the premises
–  the rent amount – when it shall be paid, and how it shall be paid
–  any charges for late payments or increases in costs
–  the security deposit amount to be paid by the tenant, and what it covers
–  the rights and responsibilities of the property owner
–  the rights and responsibilities of the tenant
–  the lease duration.

Preventing a dispute

The variable nature of business makes it imperative to cover all bases as far as possible when drawing up your commercial lease. And to provide for inevitable disputes and other difficulties which may arise.

Hiring a commercial lease lawyer in Fairfax will provide you with advice pertaining to the different laws, including business, contract, and real estate regulations – involved with preparing a commercial lease. Your attorney can also keep you updated about any changes to the law that might affect your commercial lease agreement.

Managing a dispute

Under Virginia law, a commercial lease must be followed strictly to the letter. To ensure you meet your obligations under the lease, contact your lawyer as soon as a dispute arises.

Our extensive experience in commercial lease dispute resolution in Fairfax, VA, as well as our business acumen means we understand the stakes involved.

For more information, contact us today.

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