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Business Torts and Unfair Trade Practices Lawyer Fairfax, VA.

Paul SchleifmanDifferent corporate organizations and businesses are built on different values and ethics. Many hold on to their true policies and legitimate practices. Conversely, there are unscrupulous practices in the business world where the quality of a product or service is questionable. This is not only unique to garage shops.

At Schleifman Law, PLC, it is of utmost importance to us to make sure our clients are accorded the quality due them. It is not uncommon to find, in the case of supplies, that unfair and deceptive trade practices are in play.

For example, an electronics supplier sends out an order, in haste, to meet the sales deadline and hopes the goods reach by the stipulated time. In the hurry, the goods may not meet required standards. The supplier banks on the warranty given even if the goods are returned for repair or replacement.

We stamp out such practices legally with zeal on behalf of our clients.

In the legal world we have antitrust laws and it’s easy to violate them, sometimes out of sheer ignorance. Market conditions should prevail over prices and no individual should attempt to control this.

We can identify unethical business practices

We know what these practices are and can easily identify them. We protect our clients from unfair business practices; you may be unaware a situation where you, are in all respects, a victim of this.

Different entities call for varied formalities. Our business litigation practice is structured to help our clients establish strategic relationships with business networks and avoid future legal conflicts. We help both small and large enterprises engage in legit partnerships and joint ventures.

Our experience has enabled us see many clients who come in after venturing into the whirlwind of legalese they did not understand. The result is you get entangled in the very same legal system that was tackled without proper advice from an established legal source.

Contact us today for your legal needs, no matter how big or small.

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    • Mr. Schleifman makes it a point to be accessible.  If he takes your matter you know he will be there 24/7.

      -- S.W.

    • Thanks for your hard work.  I am forever grateful.

      -- B.A.

    • I interviewed several attorneys before I met Mr. Schleifman.  He gave me the confidence that my case would be handled competently and with much thought.  And it was!

      -- T.O.

    • Justice did prevail.  Our heartfelt thanks.

      -- K.D.


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