What types of cases can an insurance attorney in Washington, DC assist you with?

Posted on : May 16, 2016

As a business owner, you should prepare yourself for having to deal with insurance issues at one point or another. An insurance lawyer in Washington, DC will help you protect your business from individuals, other businesses as well as any other unforeseen event that could damage your business.

Insurance law is a very broad and varied field of law. Whether you are interested in contract negotiation, making sure the insurance policies that you invest in are well-suited to your business or that your property rights are covered are key things that an insurance lawyer can help you with.

At Schleifman Law, PLC, we have years of experience in complex insurance cases for corporate and individual policyholders, domestic and international insurers as well as captive insurers. We represent both policyholders and insurance and we have a unique understanding of the issues that drive each side to insurance litigation. Some of the services that we offer in include the following: 

If you want to make sure your insurance matters are handled efficiently and effectively, then partner with Schelifman Law. We have couseled hundreds of insurance declaratory judgement and breach of contract actions throughout the country and we have successfully mediated, negotiated, litigated and arbitrate d numerous claims. Contact us for more information from our insurance attorneys in Washington, DC today.

Do you have a viable insurance case in Fairfax, VA?

Posted on : May 9, 2016

If you think that you may have an insurance case that needs to be investigated, arbitrated, mediated or negotiated, then it is in your best interest to consult an insurance lawyer in Fairfax, VA immediately. These cases are often complex and require a considerable amount of documentation and legal representation and while you might be able to find information relevant to your case online, the only want to ensure the possibility of a successful outcome is by partnering with a law firm that has experience in this field of law.

Whether or not you have a viable insurance case will depend on the type of insurance you are referring to. For example, you could be researching information about insurance cases relating to directors and officers policies, employment practices liability policies, reinsurance and captive programs, subrogation, primary, umbrella and excess commercial general liability cases or property, fire and business interruption insurance cases, among others. Any insurance attorney will need to properly evaluate your policy, your claims and any evidence that might relate to your case.

Claims and appeals need to be documented and processed in various stages. As a business owner, you need to make sure that your lawyer is well versed in the industry and able to handle the claims for you.

At Schleifman Law, PLC, we have years of experience in insurance law in Fairfax, VA. We have negotiated claims arising under a broad range of policy forms and we can add value to your business by giving you the advice and legal representation you need. Contact our insurance lawyers today.

Services your commercial attorneys in Arlington, VA should be offering

Posted on : May 2, 2016

Looking to partner with commercial attorneys in Arlington, VA? Then you need to make sure that they not only have the right kind of experience and a long list of happy clients, but you need to ensure that they are also offering the services that you will need. Here are a few services that your commercial attorneys should be offering:

Insurance services

Commercial lawyers should offer a variety of complex insurance services to corporate and individual policyholders, domestic and international insurers as well as captive insurers. Insurance litigation services that you can expect include property, fire, business interruption and other first-party policies; primary, umbrella and excess commercial general liability occurrence and claims made policies; directors and officers policies and employment practices liability policies, among others.

Civil litigation services

You might need your commercial attorney to pursue civil litigation cases regarding breach of contract; business torts and unfair trade practices; limited liability company, corporation and partnership disputes; commercial lease disputes as well as real estate and construction litigation.

Appellate legal services

Appealing to an intermediate court or a court of last resort is a complicated process. Your commercial lawyer will need to carefully track everything from transcripts of trials, exhibits and pleadings of the case in order to properly document and process your case. Make sure your legal team has experience in this field of law.

Need a commercial lawyer in Arlington, VA? Then partner with Schleifman Law, PLC today.

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